Spanish Contemporary

Pedro Al Aire
Weekdays 6A – 10A

Pedro is the son of Mexican parents, originally from the beautiful state of Jalisco, and first generation born in the United States. Raised in the city of Phoenix, AZ, Pedro came to Austin with the goal of entertaining Latinos with his charisma, energy, positivity, and infectious laughter.

J Franco
Weekdays 10A – 3P

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Jose Luis, “J Franco” jumped into the radio scene at the age of 20. With 5 years of radio experience, J Franco joined Latino 102.7 Midday Saturday and Sunday before joining Pedro as co-host for the Morning show. J Franco will make your weekday morning’s fun and exciting with “Pedro Al Aire”!

Agustin “El Zyber” Alvarado
Weekdays 3P – 6P

Born in Zacatecas, Mexico, “El Zybernetico” has been in radio for almost 10 years. “El Zyber” is a widely recognized radio personality in Austin. He loves to interact with the public as well as inform them of the latest entertainment news, events and promotions.

Mario Carcamo
Weekdays 7P – 12A

Born in Santa Ana, El Salvador, Mario Carcamo has more than 10 years of radio experience. He’s been a DJ at different clubs in Austin since 2001, and his high energy program will make your night’s fun and exciting! Mario will make your night’s fun and exciting, with his high energy program that contains the latest news content on your favorite artist.