Adult Hits

Krash Kelly
Weekdays 6A – 1P

A true Austinite, Krash interned at KVUE-TV in high school and quickly realized that radio was where he wanted to be. He’s worked at stations across Texas, from Lubbock to San Antonio, but eventually made his way home to Austin where he got a call from BOB to join his new station. Krash loves that BOB does things differently, and often asks himself in disbelief, “Am I getting paid for this?”

Evan Shipe
Weekdays 1P – 7P

As a DJ/Music Architect™ with more years of experience than just about anyone except BOB, Evan’s been playing the hits all over the map and across the decades. In Dallas, no one was better at delivering heartfelt dedications for callers on his evening show at the Young Country affiliate. He and Kidd Kraddick were the team at KEGL, and when Radio Disney hit the national airwaves, Evan was the one who welcomed Mickey to his new home in radio for the first time.